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4 Tips for Tuning in to Your Intuition

If you struggle to identify your intuition or to connect to your deep knowing try this:

1. Name it something else:

Sometimes we can get caught up in the idea that “we’ve never been intuitive” or the word

“intuition” has never resonated with us. Everyone has intuition, but some of us prefer to call it something different, and in doing so, we allow ourselves to more easily connect to it. Some

options for alternative names:

“Deep knowing”

“Inner wisdom”

“Most authentic self”

“Wise self”


“Divine knowing”

“Deep sense”

2. Connect to your body

Some of us feel our deep knowing in our bodies before we have the mental awareness of

that knowing. Tune into your body, listening for slight nuanced sensations. Notice if your

body gets warmer, tingles, or you feel sensation in your core. Each of our intuitions speaks

differently, and the language it offers is unique to our relationship with ourselves.

Try checking in with your pulse. Place two fingers on your wrist or the artery in your

neck. Count your heartbeats for a minute or so. Now, remove your fingers from your pulse

and tune in to your heartbeat again. Perceive your heartbeat without the touch. This deep

connectedness to your body can allow an open channel to intuition.

3. Reflect and identify past times when you felt your intuition

Think back to a time when you “just knew” what needed to happen. Intuitive knowing is not

the same think as fortune telling or predicting. But our bodies, and intuition can pick up on

tons of tiny pieces of data that our conscious self sometimes doesn’t notice. Think of a time

when you knew. Deeply knew. How did it feel? What did you notice that allowed you

to move forward with that knowing? Where did you feel the sensation in your body?

4. Remain open, and sit quietly

Begin a regular practice of sitting quietly and listening to your inner self. Consider lighting a candle or making a comforting hot drink if it feels good. Sit quietly and scan your body.

Allow yourself to release any tense or stressful thoughts, and commit to sitting silently for 3 minutes. As you practice this regularly, notice what changes.

Observe if you can notice more nuanced sensations, or if you find your heartbeat

more easily. Allowing ourselves a regular practice of remaining open to our intuition invites

our intuition to speak more clearly and frequently.

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