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Reiki Treatment
Intuitive Energy Healing

Our bodies have a vital flow of energy pulsing through them. In the Chinese Medicine tradition this is known as, “Qi or Chi,” in yoga it’s called “Prana,” and in energy psychology it is known as, “Life Force Energy.” With practice, we can learn to tune into the subtle flow of energy in our bodies. Dr. Judith Orloff, Psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, says, “energy is the intuitive language of the body. It is the essence of who we are, a subtle vibration underlying everything physical, both living and inert.” In an intuitive energy session, the practitioner, will place their hands on energetic centers of your physical body, also known as chakras, to tune into the language of the body and identify blockages and stagnation related to past trauma, chronic stress, and other overwhelming situations, while simultaneously creating a deeply relaxing and nourishing experience. This is a great complementary treatment to therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this like a therapy appointment?

A: No. This is separate from therapy. After telling you about Intuitive Energy Healing and answering any questions you have, you will be invited onto a massage table and the practitioner will place her hands on energetic centers of your body to receive
communication from your body about blockages. There will be little verbal communication during the process.

Q: Will you diagnose medical or mental health disorders?

A: No. While there will be an assessment around the energy flow in your body, there will not be any formal diagnoses given, as the practitioner is not a medical doctor and therefore cannot diagnose medical conditions. Additionally, while this practitioner is a licensed therapist, she will not be acting as a therapist in this capacity.

Q: When the practitioner identifies blockages, do I have to talk about them?

A: No. One of the beautiful things about this practice is that it identifies areas that may be important to process with your therapist in ongoing therapy sessions. The practitioner will not ask you to share any details of the blockages that are identified, but will equip you to share vital information with your therapist to support holistic care.

Q: Can I see this practitioner both for therapy and energy sessions?

A: No. As a licensed therapist, this practitioner cannot provide hands on treatments to clients during therapy, only during Intuitive Healing sessions. Therefore, there cannot be overlap in this way. However, referrals can be given for either a therapist or another energy practitioner.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Comfortable clothing and layers, as sometimes your temperature or the temperature in the room may vary during the session.

Q: How long is an Intuitive Energy Session?

A: Around 90-minutes

Q: Is there anything I need to prepare for before the session?

A: There will be some paperwork sent through the patient portal that will need to be filled out prior to the session, otherwise, other prep in not necessary.

Q: Is there anyone who should not participate in an intuitive energy session?


A: If you are pregnant, have a cancer diagnosis, or have any cybernetic devices with microchips, such as a pacemaker or insulin pump.

Q: Is this connected to any specific religious or spiritual tradition?

A: No, this not connected to any specific religious or spiritual tradition.

Meet Erica

One of my deepest beliefs is that humans are multi-dimensional, deserving of holistic wellness. While the world conditions us to live only in our head, or exclusively in our body, I believe we can find balance and peace in accessing that which empowers them both.

Our bodies have a vital flow of energy pulsing through them. This “Life Force Energy” is something we are all able to tune into, and by doing so, can allow us to receive information from our bodies. I have made it my work to walk alongside clients as they seek integrated and comprehensive wellness by accessing that Life Force Energy together.

I was first trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In my own pursuit of personal self-care and meditation practice, I sought training in Reiki. The impact of this training on my own wellbeing was so beneficial that I expanded my training into energy medicine in a year-long extensive program with Carolyn Bucey Eberle, at the School of Transformation. This is where my passion for holistic care began to intertwine with my natural gifting and undeniable intuition.

Working with this Life Force Energy enables me to bring together information about attachment styles and energy healing, all bolstered and rooted in somatic practices, neuroscience, and the polyvagal theory. My specialty as an Energy Practitioner is in assessing the energetic and emotional bodies through hands-on practices. My approach is unique in that I am able to compassionately support clients in developing insights into blockages in their lives, while offering deeply relaxing and gentle observation of the energetic body.

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