Hi, I'm Brooke

I'm the director and founder of RiverBend Counseling. My passion and specialty lie in helping those who may have past trauma that impacts their ability to live the full and meaningful lives they would like. Specifically, I work with traumas that have happened early in one's life (developmental trauma) and trauma within significant relationships (attachment trauma).


Through creating a safe and genuine connection with my clients, we are able to work collaboratively to set goals, reduce the distress of daily life that often accompanies trauma, and rapidly improve overall functioning. When approaching trauma therapy, EMDR therapy or any other healing process, I view it as a whole and encompassing work - integrating both mind and body in how my clients respond and adapt to life events.  

I am trauma-informed and work through three specific lenses: toxic stress (the effect stress has on our bodies,) neurobiology (how our brain and body respond to stress/trauma,) and attachment (how we learn as little people to be safe in the world.) Working through these lenses allows me to consider what has happened to my clients to impact their functioning, not “what’s wrong with them.”


My clinical experience has taught me that when we actively seek to address these areas of life, clients feel empowered and equipped to move through trauma and engage in their life with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

Hi, I'm Nikki

Helping clients make meaning during difficult life transitions is my specialty. Whether it’s a recent mental or physical diagnosis, starting a new job, moving away from home, losing a loved one, or ending a relationship, I am equipped to help you navigate these transitions to find healing and wholeness. 


I am particularly passionate about working with clients that may have issues surrounding infertility, pregnancy loss, perinatal mental health (anxiety and/or depression during pregnancy and/or postpartum), and relationship stressors. On these journeys, overwhelming and often debilitating emotions can surface as you grieve that your life is different than you thought it would be. Figuring out how to relate and connect to others in the midst of pain and loss can be very challenging.  


I work hard to tailor interventions that meet your specific needs. My goal is to improve functioning and reduce stress through processing your concerns and strengthening your coping skills. I aim to make a connection with you and create an environment for you that feels secure and sincere.


I use a holistic approach to therapy, understanding that our minds, bodies, and spirits are all intertwined and need harmony to optimally function. 


During your session with me, we will work together to make a therapeutic connection and to create realistic goals for your time in therapy, so that you feel more empowered and at peace. 

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